The CUPID Collection by Monica Kapur


When it comes to gorgeous jewellery that will stand the test of time, Aum Monica Kapur the brand started by Monica Kapur after decades of experience, was a fabulous line of exotic ornaments. Monica Kapur opened her boutique in the prestigious Gold Souk, Gurgaon in 2004 and the jewellery by this talented designer has been the right choice for lovers of fine pieces.

The “Cupid” collection by Monica Kapur was a lovingly crafted offering from the studios of this award winning designer, presented by BVC Logistics Pvt Ltd at India International Jewellery Week 2015 powered by GIA. For her showstopper, Monica selected the handsome TV star of the popular serial, “Qubool Hai”, Karan Veer Bohra, who strutted down the ramp with a “Kagli” – a regal paisley ornament for his yellow turban, which will be ideal for the most important day in his life.

Actor Karan Veer Bohra

Actor Karan Veer Bohra

Cupid, the god of carnal love and son of Venus was the inspiration of the collection that will be desired by every woman. The designer unleashed a line of mind-boggling necklaces, haslis, earrings, Rani Haars, bracelets, rings and pendants for all occasions. The patterns revolved around nature’s elements along with sun, flowers, peacocks, sea waves and other forms that were trendy, stylish and unique. Gold was studded with diamonds, precious and semi-precious gems that glittered under the ramp lights as the models glided down. There were contemporary rings, entwining bangles and gracefully draped necklaces, which were the cynosure of all eyes.

A mix of flowers, paisleys and diamonds, played a fashionable medley for the jewellery. Curved pendants hung at the centre of gleaming necklaces. Three circular pendants swung prettily on a thin gold string while strands of emeralds and gold created a love pendant. Romance was the centre of attraction for all the neck pieces, while shoulder dusters with tantalizing emeralds on the end, swirling cuffs, twirling diamonds and gemstones for long pendants and three strands of pearls were interspersed with artistic swirls.

The “Cupid” collection by Monica Kapur

The “Cupid” collection by Monica Kapur

Slinky long pendants ended in twinkling emeralds; while a neckpiece gracefully snaked around the neck created in gold diamonds and pearl drops. The dual diamond and ruby draped necklace, the lacy, trellised creation with danglers and the flat wide spread diamond necklace, were stunners on the ramp. Adding to the glamour and romance of the collection were the slinky flesh toned beige and black gowns and saris by designer Amy Billimoria, which were the ideal complement to the jewellery.

The “Cupid” collection by Aum Monica Kapur presented by BVC Logistics Pvt Ltd will be something every woman will desire when she wants to make a show stopping entry.

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