TCS World 10K Bangalore 2014 is ready for 25000 runners

TCS World 10K Bangalore 2014

Procam International, promoters of the TCS World 10K Bangalore 2014, announced their preparedness to host the 7th edition of the World’s Premier 10K Run at the TCS World 10K Media Centre at Sree Kanteerava Stadium. Jt. Managing Director, Procam International, Vivek B Singh, Race Director Hugh Jones, Medical Director Dr. Vivek Jawali of Fortis Hospitals and Technical Delegate David Premnath shared news about various measures and facilities put in place to ensure the smooth functioning of the event and provide participants with a fulfilling running experience on May 18.

For the seventh edition of the event, the run has witnessed an increase of a whopping 3000 runners in the Open 10K category. To ensure these amateurs run in the best conditions possible, the start time for the Open 10K has been brought forward by almost an hour.

TCS World 10K Bangalore Route Unveiling

TCS World 10K Bangalore Route Unveiling

The first race of the day will be the Open 10K Challenge, which includes the DHL Corporate Challenge, which will be flagged off at 6:05 am from inside Kanteerava Stadium. Following this, the start line will witness 13,200 amateurs for the Open 10K for foreign and Indian amateurs at 6:20 am. The World 10K Men will be flagged off at 7:40 am, followed by 4.2 km Senior Citizens Run, with over 750 participants at 7:55 am. The World 10K Elite Race for foreign and Indian women will be flagged off at 8:25 am. The 4.2 km event for the Champions With Disability, with 250 participants, will be flagged off at 8:35 am, while the 10,600 runners strong Majja Run will set off at 9:20 am. In between, at 8:40 am, 11 leaders from the corporate world will participate in the 400m CEO’s Dash on the stadium’s synthetic track. Apart from the World 10K for Elite Men & Women and the CEO’s Dash, all other events will finish on the road outside the stadium through Gate 1.

Speaking about the run, Hugh Jones, Race Director of TCS World 10K Bangalore, said, “We are proud to announce that this is the 7th successful edition of the World’s Premier 10K run, and the race has grown extensively from all angles. As of now, the route stays the same, but due to Metro Railway construction there will be minor deviations at the end of the track. ”

Giving tips to the runners, Jones said, “Participants have to be aware of the heat though the run is in the morning. Runners tend to lose fluid because they are exerting themselves. Serious runners would have undergone training so they know how to pace themselves but everybody should keep this in mind. Another thing to be aware of is the time. The last thing a runner should do is lose himself in the crowd, as he will be left squandering around.”

Medical Director, Dr. Vivek Jawali of Fortis Hospitals said, “It is heartening to see the event mature to such a great extent. Fifty per cent of the runners are serious athletes and aware of their health conditions. Senior citizens are a greater challenge. There are 160 medical personnel including doctors, physiotherapists and nurses. There will also be doctors patrolling the race route.”

Medical Partner Fortis Hospitals has ensured that every participant has a safe and healthy run and made elaborate arrangements to implement the same. There will be two base medical stations inside the Kanteerava Stadium complex and three medical stations along the route. Five fully equipped ambulances will be pressed into service and staffing all these will be 160 medical personnel including doctors, physiotherapists and nurses. There will also be doctors patrolling the race route.

There will be one Base Camp at the Finish of the World 10K, which will have around 5 beds, 750 litres of water, 100 kgs of ice in cube form, Enerzal, 5 tables with drapes, first aid kits, medicines, relief sprays etc. The second base camp will be at the finish line of the other races and will have around 30 beds with higher quantities of all of the above. Each of the three medical stations along the route will have 700 litres of water, 150kgs of ice, Enerzal, 2 tables with drapes, first aid kits, relief sprays etc.

To keep all participants sufficiently hydrated there will be 8 water stations along the route from where around 60,000 litres of water will be distributed. Two Energy Drink stations will distribute around 14,000 tetra packs of Enerzal to the participants. There will also be two orange stations from where oranges will be distributed.
Besides these arrangements, there will be nearly sufficient Law & Order and Traffic Police on Race Day to prevent any untoward incidents. 500 private security guards and 1000 volunteers would supplement their efforts.

Procam International has always ensured that thorough cleanup drives are conducted immediately after the event to restore roads to the condition they were in prior to the event. This year, there are 80 dustbins and more than 150 cleaners on the route.

The TCS World 10K will be telecast live on Star Sports 2 and Doordarshan Sport between 7:00 am and 10:00 am.

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