Story of a Lips n Balm


Lip care is the most neglected regime in a consumer’s life. While today’s woman takes care of her skin daily, especially her face & eyes, there is very little that she does for her lips.  She forgets that her lips, which are the most delicate part of her face, needs a ‘touch of care’ too.  This also explains the low penetration levels of lip balms in India.

In order to drive category usage & attract more non users, NIVEA identified that the key challenge has been to drive relevance for lip balm usage.  While most balms use the route of beauty as a key reason to drive lip care usage, NIVEA has identified a unique position of driving lip balm usage by comparing the relationship between a lip & a lip balm to that of best friends. For young girls, venturing out of their parent’s cocoon of care and discovering the world on their own, happen simultaneously.  Friends become an integral part of this journey. Some friends become their confidante’s and go on to become their best friends for life.  They share some of their best moments with their best friends. It’s these BFFs with whom they share special memories of CARE, TRUST & LOVE. NIVEA also uses the same language of care & love and talks of NIVEA lip balms as the Best Friend Forever for all kinds of lip needs.


Young India is evolving to devise a new cultural code and lexicon for themselves. Catalysed by the onslaught of technology, an entire generation of India is developing its own lingo and culture of speech and expression. Foremost amongst these new means of expression are terms like LOL, BFF and OMG, used to communicate a fusion of emotions and actions, acting as a sum greater than its parts.

Taking a leaf off this trend, NIVEA India has launched its new campaign for its range of Lip Care products by positioning it as a Lip’s best friend. A BFF is someone who accepts us as we are yet helps us to be what we should. The essence of the communication is to talk of how NIVEA Lip balms is your lip’s trusted mate, no matter whatever be the season, whatever be the occasion. NIVEA Lip Care your Lip’s BFF as the campaign is called, is based on extensive consumer research.

Through the BFF platform, NIVEA Lip Care aims to become the trusted and valued best friend of its consumer. “A best friend brings out the best in you, and similarly NIVEA Lip Care intends to bring out the best in your lips”, says Rakshit Hargave, Managing Director, NIVEA India. “The role of the BFF is to provide unconditional love, always want the best for you and support you at every stage in life. NIVEA Lip Care will epitomize the same, a solution to every lip need, forever”, he adds. Commenting on her NIVEA Lip Care connection, Parineeti Chopra says, NIVEA is a trusted brand loved by one and all & my association with the brand goes a long way back. Am really looking forward to an exciting time by being the face of NIVEA Lip Care. Best friends bring out the best in you. You fight, you laugh but you can’t live without your best friend.  I’m so glad I found my Lip’s BFF in NIVEA Lip Care, I discovered that it is the best moisturizer for my lips and has so many fresh fruity flavours. My lips & I just love them!

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