‘Living Legends Learning Lessons’ a book by Bala V Balachandran & Kavipriya


Westland, India’s fastest growing publishing house celebrated the launch of its latest title ‘Living Legends, Learning Lessons’ by authors Bala V Balachandran and A Kavipriya at an event held in Bangalore at Hotel Ritz Carlton. The book was released by a living legend, tech titan, philanthropist and entrepreneur, Mr. N R Narayana Murthy amidst a room full of CEOs and other inspirational figures featured in the book.

Speaking about the launch, Narayan Murthy, said, “I would like to thank the authors for considering me to be a part of this book. They saw something in me which even I did not see myself. The lessons that we learn through our life’s journey are the most important ones which help us achieve what we desire. Learning is a continuous process and we learn from people around us like our teachers, parents, peers, bosses and subordinates. This book captures the leadership aspect and is a classic example of the significance of bottom-line accountability as a trait of a good leader.”

‘Living Legends, Learning Lessons’ by Prof. Bala V Balachandran and Kavipriya profiles ten path-breaking leaders from the world of business, government, spirituality and academia. The book captures their life story and also offers the reader a generous glimpse of their personal side. To know the ‘person behind the name is a rare privilege and this book goes up, close and personal with these leaders and makes them relatable to the common man.

Prof. Bala V Balachandran and Kavipriya A

Prof. Bala V Balachandran and Kavipriya A

As Keki Dadiseth notes in his foreword, “Many of the insights that Bala mentions in this book are ones that are essential for a successful leader. The qualities of sense of purpose, foresight, spirit of innovation are indispensable for leaders in todays highly competitive and fast paced business landscape. At the same time, I also recognize the importance of traits like acting on impulse and apprehension of failure while these may seem counter intuitive to some. Each leaders story is unique, just as their personalities. Each story has an interesting set of insights and ones that will resonate when you interact with leaders in your daily life and prepare yourself for leadership”.

“Living Legends, Learning Lessons is at one level a book about leadership. In equal measure, it is also a book about taking adversity head-on and emerging triumphant. Each one of these stories is a life-lesson in itself. Truly an enriching read”!

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