EMERALD launched The Beautiful Ethereal ATHENA Collection


Creators of the finest jewellery and the largest manufacturers in the SAARC countries, Emerald Jewel Industry India Ltd., Asia’s biggest with ultra-modern machines launched its high end couture diamond collection “Athena” at the India International Jewellery Week 2014 presented by Nazraana in association with P C Jeweller. The “Athena” Designer Diamond Jewellery collection created by Indra Jadwani had a dazzling array of necklaces, earrings, bracelets at times flecked with rubies and emeralds, which will appeal to every fashion conscious woman.

Inspired by the beauty of Mughal architecture, traditional motifs, floral, and natural geometric lattice patterns, these were fused in a look for the contemporary buyer. Created with large doses of flamboyant, ornate, feminine, adventurous, styling the designs were indeed timeless masterpieces. Delicately crafted cuffs curved gracefully around the wrists of the models; while tantalising chandeliers, with diamond droplets glistened under the ramp lights. Prongs of artistically designed diamonds emerged from necklaces; and strands of the shimmering gems clasped with a centre pendant were divine offerings. Earrings were draped on the ear lobes and ended into hair ornaments, tiny jhumkis gleamed with baubles at centre; while multi circles hung in the middle of chains.


Models walking for EMERALD JEWEL

The modern Haath Phool with a swirling bracelet was a contemporary take on the traditional piece. Strands of pearls flowed down from an abstract centre, the peacock showed its diamond plumage at the centre of a neck piece, a firm “U” shaped Raani Haar with emerald drops was awesome in design and sparks of diamonds emerged from a “V” shaped entry around the neck. The finale piece was a gorgeous necklace which was draped over one shoulder in ripples and waves as the model glided down the ramp.

The black will-power slinky gowns created by Surya Sarkar were the perfect line for the gorgeous “Athena” jewellery. Enjoying the thunderous applause from the audience was the very lovely Indra Jadwani who happily walked down the ramp acknowledging the accolades. Entrepreneur M K Srinivasan spearheaded the company and set great quality standards. The 4000 plus persons in the 30-year-old company and 100 talented designers in India create handmade and casting jewellery in 18 and 22 karats.

Emerald Jewel Industry India Ltd also has brands like Ishtaa, Nishtaa, FFF, Carona and Jewel Once, which offer a wide range of interesting quality jewellery. Emerald’s gold and electro forming jewellery is in great demand not only in India but the Far and Middle East as well as the West. For women who long for classic creations Emerald’s new “Athena” high end couture diamond collection was an ideal option.


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